Meat & Poultry

We carry a wide variety of meat and poultry. If you do not see it listed below, please call us because we may be able to get it for you!


Beef kabob, brisket, deckle, ground beef, lean ground beef, ground turkey, hot dogs, eye roast, chuck roast, kalichle, London broil, shoulder roast, pepper steak, rib roast, rolled roast beef, rib steaks, home made sausages (mild and hot), prime beef ribs, short ribs, stew, tenderloin and knockwurst.


Brisket, chuck roast, ground bison, rib steak, shoulder roast and shoulder steak.


Capons, roasters, cutlets, thighs, drumsticks, wings, turkey (whole or pieces) and turkey breast.


Boneless lamb shoulder, lamb chops (1st and 2nd cut), ground lamb, lamb sausage and lamb stew.


Veal breast, veal chops (1st and 2nd cut), veal cutlets, veal ribs, veal roast and veal shoulder.